Our purpose:

Meritocratic, best. talent is the soul of enterprise, talent for the company as the greatest wealth, always put the talent as a business enterprise development of this, in this competition, the development of the. staff provides a broad stage for the company to play a vast space to display their talent, to find and train the talent, talent, development.introduction and then pay attention to the cultivation of talents, supporting a full range of technical and professional training, enhance the level of employees in the work of the actual operation ability, people-oriented, merit. we have a young, highly educated workforce, a harmonious, diligent work atmosphere, a common development team.
We believe that: Liaoning Northern Petroleum Company Limited is an ideal platform for all kinds of talents to display their ambition to have both ability and political integrity.


Talent Recruitment
Telephone sales (5)
  • Job Description

    1, responsible for collecting new customer information and communicate, develop new customers;
    2, by telephone to communicate effectively with customers to understand customer needs, look for opportunities and to complete the sales;
    3, maintain old customer business, mining potential customers;
    4, regular communication and cooperation with customers to establish long-term good relations of cooperation.

  • Job Requirements

    1, 20-30 years old, articulate, fluent in Mandarin, voice contagious;
    2, a higher enthusiasm for sales work;
    3, with a strong learning ability and good communication skills;
    4, tough character, quick thinking, good strain capacity and the bearing capacity of the;
    5, has the keen market insight, strong dedication and sense of responsibility and positive work attitude, have relevant telephone sales experience is preferred.

    Application Position
Sales Manager (limited)
  • Job Description

    1, the company responsible for the sales and promotion of products;
    2, according to the marketing plan, complete the sales target;
    3, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales;
    Collection and analysis of competitors

     4, responsible for market information;

  • Job Requirements

    1, high school or above, have experience of outstanding ability may be appropriate to relax the conditions;
    2, 1-2 years sales experience, outstanding performance is preferred;
    3, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, with the affinity;
    4, market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;
    5, there is a sense of responsibility, can work under high pressure;

    Application Position