In 1986, Shenyang North Petroleum Group was registered in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone with the approval of the State Council. It with scientific research, production and circulation as one, it is the first private enterprise to produce petrochemical products in northeast area. It could provide hundreds of products. In 1996, North group 's products were awarded as reliable quality units by Shenyang Bureau of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. At the Third and Fifth China Patent New Technology and New Products Expo and China Patent Ten Year Achievement Exhibition, the North group got the science and technology gold medal. In 2003, the branches of North Petroleum Group developed diversifiedly. The "Cheshen brand" lubricants and "North brand" additives produced by North group set a record for sales in the industry. The sales record reached 100,000 Ton/Year.

Our factory, founded in 1986, from the beginning of the tide of reform and opening up, through the unremitting efforts of two generations of people, has shown signs of scale, I, as a third-generation successor in May 2008 came to the factory practice, start from the grass-roots workers, daily from raw materials into the plant to the production reaction students in Chengdu personally supervise, a year later, I officially succession of family business, Shouzhua procurement, production and sales of three lines, just a few years my factory sales increased 5 times. From a micro enterprise gradually expanded and currently antioxidant T202 sales has gone beyond peer companies ahead, as sales of Shenyang, the largest production of antioxidant plant, and expand the development of overseas business. 2013 re planning plant, rectification production line, a few years have gone through numerous reforms and innovation. Only feel a few years of rapid, no leisure.
"Haina rivers, greatness lies in the capacity, I know, each customer for we do not know of will to an extremely cautious attitude to examine and choose, we have the patience to sincere attitude to face all your requirements, even if you have a more discerning, we will as a self motivation and direction of development, perfect your every requirement, to eliminate every concern for you. Each clients want to to the highest price to buy need products, we are committed to never pursuit of high profits, all products have the right price to sell, whether you are senior people in the industry, or beginner Pottinger, or is a layman, we will be with the same attitude, the same kind of service, the same price as the conditions for cooperation.
We will take practical action to tell you: "we pay to your product inside and outside such as a, withstand the customer approval, more stand up to the time of baptism.


Shenyang North Oil Group,Shenyang city is the one hundred enterprises to carry out integrity, quality assurance, so that consumers are satisfied with one of the enterprises, has won a number of honors!

Shenyang North Oil Group,Our strength is obvious to all!

First, the enterprise vision: the most satisfied with the customer's additive
Two, business purposes: to build the best quality products, to do the most honest service.
Three, the development goals: "a first-class industry, to do the first in the country."
Four, enterprise spirit: "unity and hard work, love and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare to be the world."
"Unity" is the basic guiding principle of a good development of the enterprise, through the communication, coordination, cooperation, and create a fair and just a good business environment, formed under the concerted, in lockstep with the situation.
"Struggle" in work must be accurate, efficient, in complete the task to "less than non hero of the Great Wall" of the heroic feelings, to "do not bow their heads, do not throw in the towel, wiped away tears. Hold on the heroic, in setting realistic goals and encourage moderate advance, opposes waste exaggerated.
"Love" people have "human nature", the enterprise is composed of human nature also has the nature of human. So what is the "nature" of the corporate culture? In fact, the "nature" of corporate culture is people-oriented. But what is "people-oriented" "humanistic management", through comprehensive care system so that employees feel enterprises for their respect, help and love, so that employees love for business, love of work, love enterprises such as home. Keep good employees is the greatest wealth of enterprises.
"Dedication" is in a certain condition to maximize the protection of the interests of each employee. Premise is the existence of such a certain condition, the condition is not innate. Is created by every employee of the enterprise. Everyone must work hard to give their talents and strength, to create the condition, so as to ensure that everyone can enjoy the greatest benefits.
"Pioneering and innovative" innovation is the soul of enterprise development, through to carry out a wide range of research activities and staff rationalization proposals, all involvement innovation; through the management idea and the means of modernization, informationization and standardization, to achieve technology innovation and management innovation; through external exchanges and cooperation to achieve win-win cooperation in the new technology.
"Dare to be the world" dare to be the cause of the world is the source of success, to dare to learn, dare to practice innovation. To learn and adapt to change, in the adaptation of the formation and development, the courage to take the initiative to learn, innovation as a work
ability. The changeable market, in the same industry company employees have and should have the spirit of
courage to the world.
Five, the core values of the enterprise:
Let customer satisfaction, so that shareholders at ease, so that employees happy.
Six, enterprise management system:
1, work style: "say, do it; do it, do it well.
2, the work of faith: "the pursuit of exciting every day." "There are no boring jobs,
only mediocre people."
3, the service concept: "dedicated to the customer's sake, try to make customer
satisfaction" "humanistic care, emotional service."
4, the concept of talent: "talent is dry out, not out of the." "Everybody is just,
only applicable, strengths, complementary advantages."
5, quality policy: "customer satisfaction, the pursuit of excellence."
6, moral norms: "honesty, dedication"
7, Butler consciousness: "cut, very careful in reckoning thrifty."



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