The extension of the oil refining CO2 project to help the Yulin blue"


All over the country frequently encountered heavy haze attack, a variety of high energy consumption and high pollution industrial enterprises by compatriots for the moment, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group, Yulin Coal Chemical Co. Ltd has been running for three years 50 thousand tons / year for CO2 purification, cumulative reduction of CO2 has reached 120 thousand tons, to live in Yulin many people feel a breath of fresh air.

With the frequent extreme weather and climate change occurred, the problem of CO2 emission has become the focus of the whole world. For the comprehensive control of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions in the world including China nearly 200 parties signed the "United Nations Framework Convention on climate change". In the days before the meeting of the 2015 Paris climate conference, the parties under this agreement, the parties will strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change. The Chinese government put forward to 2020 China's unit of GDP CO2 40%-45% emissions reduction targets lower than in 2005. CO2 is the leading cause of greenhouse gases, while CO2 itself is a kind of valuable carbon and oxygen in the earth's resources, its reserves are more than the sum of natural gas, oil and coal are times. Therefore, CO2 has gradually become a hot topic of the development and utilization of the national science and technology development department.

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Yulin Coal Co., 50 thousand tons / year CO2 purification device since November 29, 2012 officially opened, a total investment of 26 million 399 thousand and 200 yuan. According to reports, the Yulin Coal Chemical Co. Ltd is a production scale of annual output of 200 thousand tons of methanol, 200 thousand tons of acetic acid produced by the chemical enterprises, CO2 coal gasification methanol production process. The enterprise adopts CERI technology to purify CO2, simple than cryogenic distillation and pressure swing adsorption and chemical absorption method in the process, the whole device covers an area of small, non condensable gases, CO2 recovery rate is high, the investment cost and operation cost are low, the total cost of the production of industrial grade liquid CO2 per ton about 120 yuan.

The successful implementation of 50 thousand tons / year for CO2 purification project, from the United States, Canada and other countries of the environmental protection department officials and experts have to inspect. The Engineering Department of Yulin coal limited company sources, test the success of the project, three year cumulative CO2 emissions amounted to 120 thousand tons, the extension of the oil group, another in Yulin chemical industry has invested and built a 300 thousand tons / year CO2 purification device.

The use of liquid CO2 is very wide, food grade CO2 can be used for carbonated drinks and ice manufacturing; industrial grade CO2 can be used for arc welding, can avoid the oxidation of the metal surface, has been applied in the welding of containers, ships, automobiles and metal structure, and can be used to make cement, steelmaking etc.. The biggest purpose is to strengthen the exploitation of oil, through the injection of CO2 into the reservoir to improve oil recovery, in addition should be used to strengthen the exploitation of coal bed methane (ECBM), CO2 injection to deep coal seam mining is, to improve coalbed methane recovery and storage to co2. At present, the industrial grade liquid CO2 Yulin coal limited production, all through the tanker transport to Yanchang Petroleum Group in Jingbian, Dingbian, Wu Qi and other places of production site, for injection wells.

In recent years, the Yulin municipal government on relevant to people's livelihood "gas, water, noise and waste" comprehensive management of the environment as the key to the "blue sky, clear water, quiet, solid waste, ecological security, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, capacity building" eight projects as the carrier, issued the "opinions" on environmental protection and optimize the economic the development of the programmatic document, and resolutely eliminate backward production capacity. Proceed from the governance of "energy saving and emission reduction of 600 thousand tons of small enterprises, the integration of Lantan enterprise resource consumption, encourage new industrial projects, the economic benefits of high development, build the environmental protection industry cluster coal, coal coke, coal chemical industry integration.

Through many years of environmental governance, transformation and upgrading, Yulin blue, green, green, people consciously or unconsciously to see every day sunny proudly known as the "Yulin blue". In this remarkable environmental performance behind, even in recent years, the overall decline in the economy to bring huge impact of coal chemical enterprises, and even lead to business losses year after year, but like Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Yulin Coal Chemical Co. Ltd this social responsibility of enterprises, to create "Yulin blue" contributed.