The domestic oil price adjustment stranded positive private refinery


International oil prices approaching the floor price, domestic oil prices are expected to gradually warming. Beijing Business Daily reporter yesterday from the agency was informed that as of sixth working days of March 21st closing, the rate of change of crude oil is 5.93%, the corresponding increase 115 yuan / ton, the international crude oil price has risen to $37.05 a barrel, but in accordance with the provisions of the current refined oil pricing mechanism, the current round of oil price adjustment aground may exist.

   Since the introduction of the new pricing mechanism, the domestic oil prices remain unchanged, while the international oil prices repeatedly dip, there is a big difference between domestic and international crude oil refinery and gas station, private good days. According to WWW monitoring, March Shandong refining refining average profit of 210 yuan / ton, higher than in February 152 yuan / ton, which in March 9th comprehensive refining margins once reached 359 yuan / ton, while the gas station gross margin will remain at above 20%, the highest was close to 40%.

   On the contrary, because oil production cost is high, the oil three barrels of oil have been cut, and increase the intensity of natural gas recovery, oil production to make up the vacancy. "Compared with the refined oil pricing mechanism, natural gas price adjustment lag. So if the domestic oil prices, natural gas prices remain unchanged, sales of natural gas will increase." Www gas analyst Liu Guangbin said.

   Coal oil industry is also affected by the impact of low oil prices. Since the beginning of 2009, all capital have to invest in coal oil projects, and even lead to the investment overheating concerns, and the beginning of the second half of 2014, low oil prices and coal oil "struggle", fundamentally weakened the competitiveness of coal oil products, enterprises "production date is the loss of the dilemma. The refined oil consumption tax "three levels rise, and also aggravating the burden on enterprises of coal oil oil prices rebound will become detached, coal oil enterprises straw.