Choose the right engine lubricating oil is the pursuit of viscosity


The lubricating oil used for the formation of sludge colloid resulted in increased viscosity in the process of. The lubricating oil used in viscosity decrease, it is because of the low viscosity base oil, and choose the polymer more improvement in viscosity of lubricating oil in the process of using, in effect a long time at high temperature under high pressure, resulting in macromolecular hydrocarbon polymer chain rupture, leading to a decrease in viscosity, so the viscosity the change degree of lubricating oil has some relationship with quality.

As for the use of what is what the engine oil viscosity, and climate, the work state of engine related. For example, the South than in the north area of the high temperature, the use of lubricating oil in winter and spring and autumn the same engine under the viscosity will be slightly higher. In addition, the working temperature of engine gas fuel engine dozens of degrees higher than the temperature, in order to maintain the stability of oil film temperature, oil viscosity requirements relatively high, while maintaining high temperature between the piston and the cylinder type engine old seal, viscosity and viscosity stability requirements of gas engine oil has better.

In addition, the evaluation of a lubricating oil quality, mainly to see its viscosity stability, viscosity, oil film thickness, suitable for piston cylinder large gap old engine, low viscosity oil film is thin, the new engine piston cylinder for a smaller gap, then use high viscosity lubricating oil will fuel fee. But whether the viscosity is large or small, anti metamorphic properties of oil under high temperature oxidation, must be better.


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