The application of the principle of additive


Once a good selection of lubricating oil base oil, additive selection is the key, the base oil is relatively easy, because the base oil variety series less, base oil has been selected, the process is relatively stable, the quality of small fluctuations, generally follow the rules. The additive is not only a wide variety of different performances, and mass production also have certain quality fluctuation, so according to the oil demand different compounding technology, a kind of oil, base oil could only 1-2, while the additive scheme a lot, according to the properties of product, consider using additives necessary, feasibility and compatibility, economy, flexibility, effectiveness and other six principles, of which the compatibility and flexibility of the core technology of the additive formulation.

We should mainly consider the following properties: must the nature and the function of each additive in-depth understanding in order to determine the scope of its application. Such as the application of detergents and dispersants, detergents, each kind of dispersant strengths; extreme pressure, corrosion resistance, bearing capacity of the unity of contradictions, used to distinguish between gear oil agent and other process oil; feelings of metal, a large number of anti friction properties has not been unified named agent and oily agent and its application in special oil; antioxidant temperature range, metal reduction application of live agent and assistant antioxidant; various thickeners thickening ability, shear stability, antioxidant balance, economy; defoaming agent of silicon and non silicon series or other type of additives; especially most of the unnamed additives the similarities and differences and so on various composite additives,

In the understanding of the nature and classification of main agent, must also understand the nature of both, the expansion of its application. Such as dispersing agent has the properties of cold pressing; ethylene propylene copolymer dispersion and oxygen resistance; emulsifier corrosion etc..

Or because of the effect of additives is not exactly expressed in the existing title, or because of the particularity of other lubricant additives, or as a result of pleiotropy, or due to security factors, some additives a variety of titles or for special additives to become oil, need specific analysis and classification analysis, as far as possible under the same or clear in. Such as inhibitor, anti coking agent, dispersing agent, adhesion agent, additive and solvent, as named additive according to its unique performance of other types of additives in title, dyeing agent, stabilizer, thickening agent, coupling agent, antiseptic, anti fogging agent, chelating agent, alkali retention agent emulsifier, emulsifier, catalyst, breaking agent, brightener, anti gassing agent, antistatic agent, anti UV agent, light stabilizer, also according to the specific property of appellation.