CCDC service on oil and gas field oil producing technology innovation significantly enhanced


"The advantage is not the same, not the same effect, the contribution is not the same," this is the latest assessment of the team CCDC Changqing oilfield. At the end of 2015, the 3 consecutive year yield 50 million tons of Changqing Oilfield Company, Chuanqing drilling integration operation synchronization rate and high-end business share reached about 70%, the main force further highlights.

"The three difference" highlight the strength of science and technology. Sichuan Chongqing and Changqing Chuanqing drilling company integrated "three high and three low" characteristic of technology advantage, significantly enhance the capability of independent innovation, the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the formation of the whole industry chain, the integration of comprehensive service capabilities, in Sichuan and Chongqing, Changqing, Xinjiang, completed a number of key projects and national engineering efficiency, strong support oil and gas production.

CCDC company has become a national high-tech enterprise. Has to undertake or participate in the "National 863 project" and "national" 15 major national research projects, undertake the project of science and technology group company 61. Won the 8 National Science and technology awards, provincial science and technology award 90; total authorized 1103 patents, including 262 invention patents. 7 results in group engineering tool, 3 into the national innovation important product catalog.

The operation platform is low, no barriers to technological innovation. Igawa drilling company to solve technical problems of bottleneck project as a breakthrough, vigorously carry out technological innovation, continue to promote technological progress, made some important achievements in technological innovation, has been in fast drilling, complex oil and gas reservoir exploration, unconventional oil and gas exploration, well control safety and disposal technology in six technical areas, develop adapt "three high and three low" oil and gas exploration and development technology characteristics.

In the construction and protection of Sulige gas field development demonstration area of Sichuan and Chongqing National Service shale in major projects, Chuanqing drilling company formed to drilling, fracturing and volume production technology of integrated plant operations, geological evaluation and development, clean production as the main body of the 6 series of 23 exploration and development of supporting technologies, a substantial increase in the level of well reconstruction the ability and effectiveness. Micro seismic monitoring technology has been in Chinese petroleum, Shell and other projects in large scale application, storage of independent research and development (a drill pipe) than the conventional logging logging technology to save more than 50% cycles, the leading domestic level of technology.

Igawa drilling company "mountain complex structure and accurate seismic imaging identification of key technology research and application" won the first prize, the invention of Technology Group Company of National Technology Invention Prize two. Independent research and development of micro seismic monitoring software Geomountain, with deep and shallow wells, ground monitoring and acquisition, integration of processing and interpretation ability, breaking the foreign service company micro seismic monitoring market monopoly in China, the company became the first micro seismic monitoring software, the speed of modeling technology by the national patent and the United states.

Formation pressure prediction outperformed the underground complex accident. Igawa drilling company to "three high pressure reservoirs of oil and gas prediction, early warning and forecasting, control and other key control wells as the goal, the development of special wells, underbalanced drilling and gas pressure operation and control technology, developed more than 20 new types of rescue equipment, formed with multi type blowout rescue technology put into use, the national oil and gas rescue base in Guanghan and China oil well control emergency response center.

Pioneer series of ultra deep perforating device and thunder series high temperature high pressure perforation, in the Tarim Kuche mountain ultra deep application.20 features of ground construction and pipeline construction technology, the formation of efficient operation mode of standardized design, prefabricated, modular installation, information management, technical level in the forefront of the industry; engineering technology and information technology integration, a new anti off elevator, there are no teeth marks power slips and other automation tools applied. Networking technology in the wellsite information remote transmission, centralized monitoring, diesel production safety warning information system plays an important function.

Igawa drilling company expand Ecuador, Sichuan and Chongqing clean production technology, to carry out the mud without landing test equipment and facilities, to form the site clean production mode, in the large-scale application of Sulige gas field, achieve the "three wastes" emissions standards, with the scale of disposal capacity. The successful implementation of the first domestic carbon dioxide dry sand fracturing in Changqing gas field, oil based drilling fluid and fracturing fluid recycling rate reached above 70% and 95% respectively, to reach the domestic advanced level of technology.

Igawa drilling company with Nii on the production, yield and yield of old wells measures "for the mission, to promote the level of wells, wells and other high-end business and constantly improve production efficiency, create a number of leading indicators, to promote the quality and efficiency of Changqing Oilfield stable production. In 2015, the company has adjusted 43 rigs, 56 sets of cementing crew cross regional security, and actively promote the drilling, solid, integrated operation has been completed, gas drilling 271 thousand meters, achieved 14.84% of the overall speed of drilling, wells operating cycle speed 20.2%, refresh speed index 51.