Danger of manual cleaning of petrochemical storage tank


In the petrochemical industry, various types of tanks are widely used. From the application of the function, the tank can be divided into the reaction tank, storage tank and transport tank three categories! No matter what kind of function of the body, there is a common problem to be solved, that is regular internal cleaning!

For cleaning the interior of the tank, on the one hand, because of the special structure of the body, will cause the difficult operation of cleaning the inside of the tank; secondly, because of the internal cleaning material for the high value of material recycling or high pollution substances on the environmental impact is especially serious, are to be treated reasonably, to reduce production the cost and enhance the effect of environmental protection; thirdly, tank cleaning may also in some specific environments (such as explosive dangerous places), require detailed consideration of environmental factors! Any tank cleaning process, are required to strictly consider these three factors, in order to protect the safety of tank cleaning and environmental protection effect. The incident of tank cleaning and factory safety accidents of water pollution accidents, are due to customers in tank cleaning before not carefully deal with these three factors, which lead to the malignant accident equipment production, environmental pollution, and even casualties, brought great losses to the enterprise and society!

Continuous accidents caused by the internal cleaning tank is not standardized, to bring serious influence to relevant enterprises at the same time, also caused more department in charge of the enterprise leaders and government attention attention; in-depth investigation and analysis of the cause of the accident, let us know about the current situation in the tank cleaning worrying. For this dangerous work, at present inside the tank is still based on manual cleaning cleaning; simple cleaning tools few enterprise use, because of low quality equipment, cleaning process is simple, thus hiding the various potential security risks! In order to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents, the introduction of products and technology more advanced, more professional, more secure inside the tank cleaning needs!

At the same time, must be eliminated as soon as possible to safety accidents caused by manual cleaning, cleaning equipment imported safe, comprehensive training of operating personnel, the implementation of certificates.

Gamajet gamma cleaning tank to solve this problem, using the 3D automatic rotating nozzle cleaning Gamajet, adapt to the standard 4 inch underground tank openings, driven by fluid, and does not need external power supply. The strong three-dimensional 360 degree spherical rotating nozzle can destroy pollutants, and shattered the dirt and sludge, you can easily use the vacuum pump to clean them up. It is only small enough to fit the underground oil tank machine, there are also internal cleaning enough of the 100% regional power. Solution the device can easily provide full of sludge and other pollutants, can realize the liquid extracted completely and thoroughly cleaning tank. The use of Gamajet rotary cleaning equipment you can safely and quickly clean the oil tank, in less than 20 minutes can make the tank thoroughly clean, dangerous operating personnel do not need to enter the tank so as to avoid the damage of the staff.