Spot oil investment entry basic knowledge and trading strategy


More and more investors began to favor crude oil, but oil investment can get high returns, and there is a certain risk, only a detailed understanding of the knowledge in order to better oil investment risks.

Here we have to introduce the basic knowledge of fried oil.

Methods and steps:

1 spot oil lever: spot oil lever of domestic investment products in the 5-33. International crude oil is 100-500 leverage, do business like fried oil as our reality, the more money the more investment, profits and risks is proportional to, so before investors enter the market must consider carefully.

2 spot crude oil trading time: spot crude oil trading period can close this dramatic two time at 08:00-00:00 p.m. 3:00-5:00 evening everyone, stop, stop control and other related operations.

3 don't oil overnight positions: if have positions, must stop for a good price and profit price.

4 stop loss and profit price setting: on this issue many spot oil investors feel tangled, in fact, we can often refer to spot oil 5 day moving average and 20 day moving average to set the spot oil more precise stop, stop price.

5 fried oil to avoid full warehouse operation: because the crude product volatility, fluctuations are considerable magnitude. Spot oil investors can try to control the risk in an affordable range.

6 spot crude oil trading to judge the good trend, but also look at what is happening on the market, follow the market to do it, do the band be careful, do not lose the greater.

Matters needing attention:

Fried oil, especially need to pay attention, do not listen to the wind is the rain, a lot of investors is the spot crude oil would lead to made the wrong decision in the transaction, we should do the right, don't trust your intuition, see more economic news don't listen to what others say. You see what is happening in the market, and then make the next decision according to the market dynamic, so as to make money more secure.

Spot oil trading patterns

The domestic crude oil spot and futures investment investment investment two, what is the spot oil trading mode?

Spot oil trading is T+0 mode, 24 hours of trading, but also buy or buy up.

Spot oil trading refers to buyers and sellers from the real demand for oil and oil sales real purpose, according to the agreed payment and delivery, immediate or a trading physical oil delivery in a relatively short period of time. In spot trading, with the transfer of ownership of goods, at the same time to complete the exchange and circulation of oil entities. Therefore, the oil spot trading is a direct manifestation of oil commodity operation. Oil spot trading is widely used internationally and the concern of the transactions, especially in economically developed countries.

Spot trading is the big banks, big banks and agent of customer transactions, the sale agreement transaction after the completion of delivery of the latest payment within two business days. But the delivery time can be deferred.

The crude oil trading strategy:

Leading others estimated market turning area. We found a more accurate index in a certain period of time a variety of often, but the deal will rapidly imitate method effectively spread, and only with a simple index can not win the. As crude oil traders should lead others estimated market turning area. How to do this, analysts recommend using third wave technology, although has achieved the level of profitability, but there is still much room for improvement.

Choose a good entry point, to minimize the losses and increase profits. Because the third wave of the use of a large number of computer pattern recognition, choose the entry point, the loss of control in the smallest range, before admission to basically have been able to predict the maximum loss and maximum profit, to open new positions only the expected profit is greater than the probability of expected losses, the loss is greater than the profit forecast probability, can not meet the risk control is not traded.

For mature trading strategy, profit and loss to. Even the most stable crude oil trading strategy profit also will continue to lose money, we must have such a mentality to adapt the strategy and missteps, no one dare to use, maybe this time, profit opportunities have come, and profit for the strategy is not always effective, a strategy of profit or loss after the start of the documentary after the stop will affect the effect of documentary documentary.

Familiar with the highly leveraged funds control oil trading. In the crude oil market, even without the use of any leverage case, almost no one can say their strategy loss will not exceed 10%, to the long-term profitability of the investors, it is recommended that each investment trading oil margin total funds should not exceed its own idle funds 5-10%, profits under the condition as soon as possible to reclaim part of profit money, make money transactions not more than 10%, when the loss of more than the total amount of funds reduced, according to the proportion of investment in oil trading funds also need to reduce and maintain 5%.

Trading Tips: strictly set a stop operation, control positions! In the market, we must first learn to survive, and then consider profit!