Shenyang Northern Petroleum Group to participate in the exhibition record (2016.1.1-2016.6.1)


The following is 2016.1.1-2016.6.1 north of Shenyang Petroleum Group in the domestic large-scale exhibition record:

2016 Chinese (Shenyang) International lubricating oil, grease, maintenance supplies and Equipment Exhibition

Time: March 2016 19-21

Venue: Shenyang International Exhibition Center (exhibition Shenyang Road, Sujiatun District No. 9)

Organizer: Market Association China auto accessories Chinese auto parts industry supplies Federation
Shanghai lubricating oil industry association of Shandong Province Oil Industry Association

2016 China (Tianjin) automotive lubricating oil, coolant and oil conservation products fair

Hold time: 2016/4/22---2016/4/24

Expo: Meijiang International Exhibition Center in Tianjin

Organizer: Chinese Automobile Industry Association

Two thousand and sixteen Chinese (Zhengzhou) lubricating oil and grease and vehicle maintenance.

Exhibition time: Two thousand and sixteen year Five month 28-30

Venue: Henan International Convention and Exhibition Center of Zhengzhou

Organizer: Chinese National Federation of auto parts and accessories industry association

Co organizer: Chinese National Federation of auto products with industry association grease lubricating oil industry association branch Chinese

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