Winter gas station self-service how anti-static


The cold winter air in the electrostatic latent experts remind imperceptibly in people around, there are many gas station on the self-service refueling, for the car, self-service refueling, improper operation easily due to electrostatic fire.

Gansu Provincial Department of public security fire brigade remind riders in the self before refueling, to the ESD touch tanker below the hand shape identification by hand, then the gun in the tank light touch to eliminate static electricity; people don't pay special attention to the gas halfway back to the car, to prevent static electricity up again.

In addition, attention should be paid to the refueling gun should be into the fuel tank, reduce the volatilization during refueling refueling oil mist; wait a moment to be no more than the oil after the gun out.

The fire department to remind, if the oil has a muzzle flash self-service refueling, the owners do not panic, they should immediately stop refueling operations, then quickly put out the fire with a fire extinguisher and then drawn off from the oil tank gun. Because of the lack of air in the tank, the flames generally do not enter the tank, if in the fire immediately after the gun out of the tank, it is likely a greater fire caused by oil and gas contact with the outside air mass.